{ Yoga Tips by Nanci from CorePower Yoga }

Hiii! I’m OFFICIALLY back from hibernation and I finally ended my post vacation/holiday hangover. Usually after a long vacay I just want to continue doing nothing. No lie, you know what really helped me snap out of it? An intense, sweaty and fun CorePower Yoga (CPY) class with Nanci.

Nanci’s SO full of passion and energy, like it was making me feel energized…totally inspiring me to get rid of my sluggish-ness (I don’t know if that makes any sense).

You may have read about my CPY experience last month. It’s way different than your traditional yoga class — Nanci explains the difference below.


But I seriouslyyyyy crave the CPY difference.

For me, doing strictly one type of workout can get bland. CPY adds the variety I need. And sometimes I just need a teacher like Nanci, who can make me feel focused and just like get me super pumped up.

Anyway, I wanted to find out Nanci’s favorites — her favorite yoga benefits, healthy snacks, and of course…yoga tips!! Get the skinny below.

Meet Nanci Dodson from CorePower Yoga:


Introduce yourself!

Hi! I’m Nanci, Studio Manager of CorePower Yoga Philly.

What do you love about CorePower Yoga? And, what makes it different from other yoga studios?

From my very first step into CorePower in Portland, OR, in 2010, I was enamored with the accessibility of the classes and how down-to-earth and inviting the instructors and students were. I felt empowered in classes despite being a hot yoga newbie, and felt included even with modifications I needed at the time. I left class feeling incredible and knew I was hooked. I love the consistency and variety of classes we offer, and the amazing connections in and out of the studio. There’s something really special about the CPY community!

Top 3 favorite yoga benefits?

Stress relief through breath/movement connection, improved strength, and overall happiness!

Have any tips for yoga newbies?

Show up! Feel empowered through modifications to build strength and have patience along the way. It’s a process and should be fun. : )

Can you share a favorite go-to healthy snack?

I’m pretty in love with bananas.  Raw almonds are a good go-to for me as well.

What’s in your bag?

Phone charger, Macbook Air + charger, dog treats for my pup, at least two notebooks (one for sequence ideas, one for general to-do lists), headphones, and always an extra pair (or two) of workout clothes!

CorePower Yoga Philadelphia is located at 1616 Walnut St. If you’re new to CorePower Yoga, try one free week. Warning: you might get addicted.

xx Melissa

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