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image2{ TRU harvest® with Ancient Grains Wavy Strips with barley, spelt & quinoa — comes in Turkey & Pumpkin Flavor (pictured) and Chicken & Sweet Potato Flavor }

Maddie here! Something super important to me is eating healthy foods and that includes treats. Let me tell you about these new pawlicious wholesome and healthy treats — TRU harvest® with Ancient Grains dog treats.

The Ingredients

TRU harvest® dog treats are made with ancient grains — barley, spelt and quinoa. Normally, I don’t eat grains because most dog foods are made with cheapy grains. These treats are different because they’re ancient grains, which are naturally low in fat and contain more nutrients than common grains.

TRU harvest® dog treats contain no corn, soy, wheat, artificial colors, artificial flavors and def no weird poultry by-products. In fact, the first ingredient listed is REAL meat, like chicken or turkey.

The Benefits

The meat is combined with a mixture of fruits and veggies, like tomato, cranberry, sweet potato, pumpkin and/or carrot. So, pups can get wholesome goodness found in ancient grains, vitamins from the fruits and veggies, and of course lean protein.

Another paw-sitive? TRU harvest® with Ancient Grains contain Omega 3s, 6s and 9s. These are known to be beneficial to skin and fur — hello shiny healthy coats! 

image1-1TRU harvest® with Ancient Grains Chewy Bars with barley, spelt & quinoa — comes in Chicken, Cheese & Tomato Flavor and Turkey & Cranberry Flavor }

The Treats

TRU harvest® comes in both chewy bars and wavy strips. Each come in two flavors.

Chewy Bars:

  • Chicken, Cheese & Tomato Flavor
  • Turkey & Cranberry Flavor

Wavy Strips:

  • Turkey & Pumpkin Flavor
  • Turkey & Pumpkin Flavor

Find TRU harvest® with Ancient Grains dog treats exclusively at Walmart. Click here for $1 off your purchase.



xx Maddie




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