The Bark Report | Wellness CORE Superfood Protein Bars

Dogs obvs. need protein, so why not mix it into their treats? But with so many types of dog treats out there…it’s always difficult figuring out what to get. Wellness is a dog food brand I trust because they use high quality and healthy ingredients. Plus, Maddie has never ever turned down a Wellness treat.

Wellness CORE Superfood Protein Bars are a protein packed treat for your dog. They sort of remind me of beef jerky! Maddie loves these treats and she shows me like allllll her tricks when I take them out.

Tip: These treats are kind of large for a 15 pound dog like Maddie. I cut each bar into three pieces. This makes the bag last 3x as long.


The Ingredients?

Wellness CORE Superfood Protein Bars are made from simple, high quality ingredients. The protein comes from turkey and duck. The treats contain about ~30% crude protein. The superfood portion comes from kale, flaxseed, broccoli and carrots to provide all-natural wholesome nutrition. There are NO weird fillers, no meat by-products, no cheapy grains, and no artificial colors, flavors or ingredients. Just wholesome ingredients.

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Treats c/o in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.
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