{ The Suede Skirt Trend }

Happy first day of fall! In case you weren’t aware, and you prob were…because this trend is literally everywhere. The suede skirt trend is so in.

Suede skirts give such a vintage inspired, ’70s boho chic vibe and I’m in love.

They’re basically inside every celeb and style blogger’s closets. Ciara looked so freaken GORGEOUS in her off-white suede skirt from TopShop.

I paired my suede skirt with an off the shoulder crop top. I’ve worn this crop top in a previous style post before. Whenever I buy clothes, I try to think of as many possible ways to wear it. It would be such a waste otherwise.


Outfit Deets

{ Abercrombie Smocked Off-The-Shoulder Crop, sold out, similar hereHollister Co. Faux Suede A-Line SkirtKeds Ikat Sneaker }

{ Scroll to the bottom of this post, find a clickable collage of my favorite suede skirts. }

Here’s a closer look at my Keds. They look super boho too!


I think it’s cute how Maddie’s fur color matches my skirt :X. Isn’t she getting big!?! She’s like a little fluffy bear. Life with a pup is pretty fun and I really love watching her grow.

I like having Maddie in my outfit posts. She’s so sweet and honestly…she helps me figure out what I should do with my hands (lol!).

I really enjoy doing these style posts, because I’m obsessed with fashion, shopping, and clothes…duhhh. But, sometimes taking photos can get kind of awkward. Like when you spot a a group of people waiting their turn to take a photo in front of the mural you’re at haha. Thankfully, I live in Philadelphia, where there are a ton of tourists around. I can pretend I’m one of them just like wanting a photo at a super cool wall.


When it gets colder, I plan on wearing this skirt with a basic long sleeved white tee, maybe even a turtle neck.

Another trend that goes with the suede skirt trend? The front button skirt trend. That also gives a whole vintage ’70s feel. I want this trend in the form of a denim front button skirt too. Way cuteee.

Did I perSUEDE you to get a suede skirt, yet? It’s not easy being cheesy 🙂



{ Check out these other beautiful suede skirts }

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    Oh my god your pup is adorable! I have a small Cavapoo that kinda looks like her. She always steals the show in every photo we take together.


      Thank you Chaucee! That’s what Maddie is 🙂 she’s a cavapoo and bichon. Your pup sounds like a little cutie!