{ Stylish Hot Yoga Essentials }

priya-hot-yogaSweating profusely and practicing yoga in 90+ degree temperatures is oddly therapeutic—especially when it’s cold outside.

I went to the CUTEST hot yoga studio I’ve ever been to. Priya Hot Yoga.  I went with my PHLBlogger friends for a class co-taught by Jessica Lawlor and Katie, owner of Priya Hot Yoga. Practicing yoga in a beautiful space is always 100x better.

{ Priya Hot Yoga New Client Special: 30 days for $40 here }

The studio has pops of teal everywhere. There are little green plants around the studio. There’s even a mini cafe stocked with delish Kombucha, juices, and snacks. Priya Hot Yoga has partnered with local Philly businesses to provide fresh, organic products. Um, YUM!? I’m seriously digging the atmosphere.


Anyway, after that class and this post I was inspired to write a post about stylish hot yoga essentials. I’ve gone to classes both prepared and unprepared. Obviously, when I get there prepared, my yoga practice goes more smoothly, class feels more therapeutic and I feel like I get more out of it.


Here’s what to pack / wear to hot yoga:

1. Black Leggings

Sweat stains are never a good look. I’m totally stressing on the color here. Go with black or other dark colored leggings to avoid embarrassing sweat stains. I have these mesh paneled leggings from Forever 21. I got the mesh tip from my cute blogger friend, Sarah. She mentioned that mesh leggings are so great if you want to wear shorts but can’t (likeeee if it’s too cold outside and you’re walking to yoga class). Not only does mesh make clothing more breathable, but it’s way stylish.

{ Forever 21 Mesh-Insert Paneled Leggings, $22.90 }

2. Cute Water Bottle

This means less waste! I really want a bkr ‘Heart’ Glass Water Bottle. It’s BPA-free, phthalate-free, cute and convenient.

{ bkr Glass Water Bottle, Heart, $35 }

3. Super Absorbent Microfiber Towel

This small one works for me. I don’t like spreading it across my mat, I just leave it aside to wipe off sweat every now and then. However, if your mat gets super slippery, it may be a good idea to get a larger microfibre towel to add grip. Slippery mats and yoga moves are not a good mix.

{ Lululemon Small Towel, $22 }

4. PiperWai Natural Deodorant

I’ve written about PiperWai before. PiperWai is now my go-to deodorant. This charcoal creme deodorant is 100% natural, invisible, absorbent, and perf for sensitive skin. It’s super strong and lasts really long—I’ve used Piperwai throughout the day and in various situations like hot yoga, PureBarre, running errands around the city. I love the scent. I love the ingredients . I love how strong and long lasting this natural deodorant is.

{ PiperWai Natural Deodorant, $11.99 }

5. Face Towelettes

I don’t like leaving the studio without cleaning my face. From my experience, it can definitely lead to breakouts. Although this isn’t my full face cleansing routine, I use face towelettes as a quick fix. When I get home, I shower and do my whole skin routine. My favorite towelettes are by Burt’s Bees. Maddie has their puppy version for quick fur clean ups too!

{ Burt’s Bees Facial Cleansing Towelettes with White Tea Extract, $7.38 }

6. Tea Tree Toner

This blood pumping, sweat dripping workout leaves my skin a little acne prone. Tea Tree Water is supposed to help with redness and acne. This Tea Tree Water Toner by Lush is light, refreshing, and clears excess oil without drying. After wiping my face off with a cleansing towelette, I spritz this toner. It helps my skin and feels super refreshing after a hot yoga class.

{ Lush Tea Tree Water Toner, $20.95 }

What are your favorite workout accessories? 

xx Melissa

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    I so want to try hot yoga and I’m sorry I missed this amazing workout! I love everything on here but know that the LUSH tea tree toner is the BEST. Also I need that towel!
    Kendall recently posted…Here’s How I Know Anything is PossibleMy Profile


      Thank you Kendall! We should go sometime! I think I love Lush anything haha. I have two favorite face sprays, that and Mario Badescu’s rose water (which is only $7!)

    Lydia Marie Elizabeth

    I’ve never really done yoga for real…. But, hot yoga sounds adorable with all your recommendations! 🙂 Especially that little water bottle! 🙂


      Thank you Lydia! Aahhh the heart water bottle is the cutest. I’m so obsessed ❤️.