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I’m really into flower prints. Not the whole old granny tablecloth/blanket type of flower print. But DAISY PRINTS. Specifically daisy prints on plain black backgrounds. It’s superrrr retro. I got mine a few years ago, forgot about it and then found it while packing for this trip. Convenient, right?

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Last month I went back to California to visit my family and friends. Here are some photos of my Bay Area to Los Angeles road trip (seriously one of my most memorable trips). And of course, I’m wearing a daisy print dress ;).

My cousin and her husband took us sailing on their boat! We sailed from Sausalito to San Francisco. If you look closely, you can see the Golden Gate Bridge!

image I had to stop by the Madonna Inn. It was such a weird, quirky and pink place. I have to admit, the setting totally matched my whole retro themed outfit.

imageSpotted this cute little squirrel near Big Sur!

We drove along the Pacific Coast Highway and stopped by a tonnnnn of spots. It took us 11 hours to get to LA (normal drive would’ve taken 5-6 hours). I loved how the freeway had so many pull over spots so you can see the gorgeous Pacific Ocean. Not sure exactly where I took this photo, but it ended up being one of my favorites. image One thing I miss about living in California? In-N-Out. I always order a grilled cheese with grilled onions and well done fries. SO. GOOD. During my trip, I ate there every single day. That’s 8 burgers. I’m a firm believer that vacations = treat myself to whatever I want to eat time!


We went to Morro Bay to check out that giant rock. We also got a bit hungry so we got clam chowder bowls — a foodie road trip MUST.

What did you do this summer? Share in the comments below!

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    LOVE that dress! So cute!