Skinny Peanut (Hottie) Butter Cup Martini


Hi peanut butter lovers!

If you’re like me…slightly obsessed with peanut butter, find yourself eating spoonfuls, and pretend it’s okay because it has a decent amount of protein…get excited! There’s something called Peanut Hottie.

This liquid candy in a cup satisfies my PB cravings any day. Peanut Hottie is an instant powder that you mix with water. Think of it like hot chocolate…but peanut butter flavored. So perfect to warm up with <3.

Oh! And guess what?! Peanut Hottie is 83 calories. Indulge without the guilt.

Tip: Sometimes when I drink hot chocolate, I like using almond or coconut milk for a richer flavor. You can do the same with Peanut Hottie.

But because it’s National Peanut Butter day, let’s indulge a little more. Peanut Hottie sent me this delish Peanut (Hottie} Butter Cup Martini recipe:


Want to make this recipe? Find Peanut Hottie here.

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    Looks delicious

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