Recap | Fresh Fall Foods

Wow, Mother Nature! Fall is officially here. With a new season, comes new seasonal foods and drinks. Eating with the seasons is so much more nutritious, delicious and better for our environment. I know Fall has only been here for about a week, but here’s what I’ve been up to and some fresh fall foods I’ve been loving this season.

1. Scarpetta Philadelphia

Scarpetta officially opened in Philadelphia on Sept. 28th! The philosophy of Scarpetta’s kitchen is to create bold flavors with seasonal, fresh and locally sourced ingredients. Last week, a few PHLBloggers and I attended their preview and cocktail party, so we had the chance to taste a few drinks and signature dishes. I reccomend their Raw Yellow Tail Crudo. As for drinks, my go-to cocktail that night was the San Remo — a delightful mix of bourbon, sweet vermouth, campari, elderflower and citrus.

img_1801{ San Remo. a Scarpetta Signature Cocktail: bourbon, sweet vermouth, campari, elderflower and citrus }
img_1800{ When you go to Scarpetta, you haveee to check out all the marble in the bathroom. Here’s a mandatory mirror selfie with Sarah of }

2. Tria’s Happy Hour

From now through Thanksgiving, Tria‘s having a fall themed happy hour — Harvest Happy Hour. This includes orange wine! It was my first time having orange wine and it made me feel so festive and seasonal. No, it doesn’t taste like orange, nor is it made from oranges. It’s made from a white wine grape. Orange wine reminds me of a refreshing, dry white wine. I’m confused by my tastebuds. I’ve been reading more about orange wines. Others say the texture and taste is more like a red wine because of the tannins. I don’t know!? I’m not a sommelier, it’s just yummy.


3. Vedge

I’ve been wanting to go to Vedge for years! I finally went and I’m obsessed. My favorite dish on their menu is called Fancy Radishes. I’ve been stalking their Instagram page and from the looks of it, their radish choices for this dish change with the seasons.img_1766

4. Wellnest 14 Day Fall Reset Cleanse

Over the summer, I traveled a LOT. When I’m traveling, it’s obvious I’m going to try a ton of local foods I can’t get in Philadelphia (case-in-point: that time I ate 8 In-N-Out Grilled Cheeses in 8 days).

Anyway, I’ve overindulged and I’m in need of a reset. I chose to do Wellnest’s Fall Reset Cleanse because it’s a healthy food based cleanse, so unlike most cleanses I’ll be eating the whole time and I won’t feel starved.

Wellnest’s cleanse is a vegan cleanse. When I say vegan, I’m not talking about nasty fake meat. A lot of meat substitutes are HIGHLY processed aka you might as well eat bologne. So, what can you eat? The cleanse encourages you to eat fresh, wholesome and seasonal foods. This cleanse is led by certified holistic health coach, Leslie Neri and “uses supplements and intensely nutritious foods to clear out environmental toxins and the negative effects of processed foods from your system (during the first week) and rebuild a healthy you from the inside out (during the second week).”


{ I’ll post more about this cleanse on Instagram. I start Sunday! }

What fall foods are you loving this season? Share in the comments below!

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    Tria is my absolute favorite! I’m definitely going to have to check out that Harvest Happy Hour!

    xx Chelsea


      Seasonal things are so much fun, you should! I love Tria too. It’s one of my favorite happy hour and date night spots.