My Philly Winter Bucket List

November and December were way too crazy for me to do anything I wanted to do for myself. That said, Sarah’s Philly Winter Bucket List has inspired me to make my own! Here are four things on my Philly Winter Bucket List — post holidays…because we’ve got a long, chilly way until Spring.

My Philly Winter Bucket List

Get bundled up + do some outdoor ice skating

Ice Skating in front of City Hall at Rothman Ice Rink @ Dilworth Park or at the Blue Cross Riverrink Winterfest – I haven’t decided! Each have a fun, winter-y scenery. I know it’s super cold out, but imagine going after dinner, enjoy a cocktail before/after and dress extra cozy!


Take a new fitness class

I’m taking studio recommendations (preferably a cardio based class)!! I love my ClassPass membership! My membership allows me to take 10-12 classes per month and it’s cheaper than buying packages. I mainly go to 3-4 studios around the city. Each studio specializes in a specific workout style – hot yoga, megaformer, reformer and barre. Do you have a fav studio that incorporates more cardio? TELL ME!

Explore a neighborhood I haven’t been to: Chestnut Hill

Chestnut Hill looks like such a cute neighborhood! Since it’s a little further from me, I’d love to spend a Sunday there – maybe something like a barre class followed by breakfast and shopping!

Go to the PHS Philadelphia Flower Show

I missed last year’s PHS Philly Flower Show and lived vicariously through everyone’s amazing photos. I love plants but in 2017 I accidentally killed 8 plants. Maybe I have a green thumb of death? I’m hoping to get (way) better at gardening. This year’s flower show runs from March 3-8, 2018 and the theme is Wonders of Water.

What do you want to do around the city this winter?

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    Iceskating sounds fun & I also enjoy exploring new NEIGHBOURHOODS. Can’t say I’m too keen on working out although I really should.