{Interview} Meet Robyn from SkinnyBelle.com


About two weeks ago, I was on Twitter and somehow Robyn and I came across each other. She’s allllll the way in Vancouver!

This international fashion model turned blogger loves all things about fitness, food, and fashion. With that said, the reason why I interviewed her must be SO obvious, right?

Her blog def makes my list of favorite blogs ever.

This interview was really fun to do! She shared some insight on healthy eating, beauty tips, and her style.

Anyway, here are the deets on Robyn and SkinnyBelle.com:

Hi gorgeous! Introduce yourself.

Hi everyone! My name is Robyn and I am a 23 year old fitness, food, and fashion lover. I was an international fashion model for 8 years, and am now proud to be the blogger behind Skinny Belle!

Can you tell me a little about your blog?

Skinny Belle came to life because of my love for enjoying all the best things in life, while still maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I wanted to build a community where I should share my experiences, knowledge, and tips that I have learned throughout my time modeling. It is so so awesome to be able to give my readers a look into my life, the things I eat, how I stay fit, and of course my favourite beauty tips!

How would you describe your style?

Totallyyy depends on my mood that day. Which I think is really fun! Sometimes I am super casual, other times I want to go for a more glam look. And if I am feeling rebellious? Leather. All. The. Leather.

So, what are your top three items this season?

Where do I start?! If I had to pick just three items that are total necessities for the winter, they would definitely be: tall leather boots, a chunky knit sweater, and coconut oil! I literally use coconut oil on everything! It keeps my skin nice and moisturized during the winter when the weather is harsh. It is for sure the best natural beauty remedy in my books.

Have a model beauty or style tip for us?

I have a beauty tip for you! Puffy eyes can be super unflattering and a bit of an issue if you have important things to do that day. If you didn’t get enough sleep one night and your eyes are super puffy, here’s what to do. Take a face cloth, cover it in ice-cold water and put it over your eyes for about 5 minutes. Lay down while you are doing this, and you will be pleasantly surprised at how much more alert you will feel and look!

What’s your go-to healthy + easy snack or recipe?

For a snack, fruit! Fruit is totally natures candy. So if I am craving some dessert or something sweet, I will just pick up some fruit and it cuts the craving right away!

For an easy recipe, try my Skinny Belle granola! Seriously this stuff is unreal. It is ridiculously easy and will make you seem SUPER skilled in the kitchen to anyone you make it for. Easy and impressive? That’s my kind of recipe!

Here’s my fav question…what’s in your bag?

Confession: I am a MAJOR lip balm addict. Not lip gloss, lip balm. So I usually have about 3 lip balms at all times in my bag (JUST to be safe! Lol.) I also always keep a Vega Bar for a snack in my bag, because it sucks to get hungry and have nothing to eat. Having a snack on you will help you not reach for those tempting Starbucks cookies when you get hungry, and instead make a healthier choice. And finally the usual stuff, like: wallet, keys, iPhone (usually in my hand if we are being real here), and sunnies.

Want to learn more about Robyn from Skinny Belle? Tweet her at @robynkimberly


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