Insta Lately | August 2017


Wow August! Summertime is flying by and it’s almost time for my Austin vacay! Right now I’m really focusing on blog and life balance. I love summer and I’ve been trying to pack in so many activities before it ends. I found myself crashing from trying to do so many activities, blog, work, stay active, and relax.

Since Austin’s coming up, I’m slowing down my pace by not going out as much and giving myself more time to unwind before things start to pick up again. WAAAAAY back in like March my cousin (she lives in San Francisco) and I planned a vacay to Austin together and now it’s finally (almost) here!!

We picked Austin because it’s kind of it in the middle of both of us and August just worked out perfectly (super hot time of the year, we know). Have you been to Austin? What are your Austin MUSTS?

For now, here’s a little bit of life lately on Instagram:

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I suck at cardio. I hate running and cycling’s fun, but I don’t like sitting there. Priyanka and I tried a so SOAR! class with Allongee. It’s a trampoline fitness class and omg jumping is like cardio doubled. The music was super fun, I enjoyed the instructor, and I left extra sweaty.


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After the so Soar class at Allongee, Priyanka and I wanted to continue our healthy Saturday morning, so we went to Stripp’d Juice for some Acai bowls. It’s a few blocks down the street from Allongee, so it only made sense to go there for a healthy breakie. The Acai Bowls at Stripp’d Juice are actually the first ones I’ve ever bought in Philly. They’re so hard to find here (+ they’re $$), so I usually make them at home with Sambazon. I wish someone would just open a cute little Acai Bowl shop here — you’d find me there almost every weekend.


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THIS red dress. I just want to wear it all the time. You can’t tell, but it’s a one-shoulder dress. My cousin (the one I’m going to Austin with) has the gorgeous off shoulder version.


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I’ve been looking for a small summer bag and this one is just so perfect. I found this round rattan bag on eBay! Love it like I do? Shop it here.


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Since I’m on the topic of basket bags…here’s another one I’m loving. While Google searching for basket bags I came across this is a GIANT one. I usually use as a grocery bag. Here I’m using it as luggage for Maddie’s dog stuff. I found it on Etsy for $33. Shop it here.


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    I love your travel stories Melissa, can’t wait to hear all about Austin! I’m glad you’re slowing down to take time for relaxation, re-charge your batteries as they say 😉


      Michelle!!! <3 <3 <3 recharging is a must! Thank you for reading 🙂