Gettysburg | Weekend Getaway Outfit

Bloggy babe Shades of Sarah and I went to Gettysburg last weekend. It was so nice to get out of the city for two days! We stayed at the cutest AirBnB — we got to stay at a farm with dairy goats, horses, hens, and bermese dogs. SO much fun (scroll down for some photos of the cute goats and Hauser Estate Winery). I ended up overpacking because the weather was being super unpredictable. My favorite weekend getaway outfit for this Gettysburg trip ended up being this burnt red ruffle bodysuit, Levi’s denim shorts, and espadrille slides.

Gettysburg Weekend Getaway Outfit


Shop it: Bodysuit, Shorts, Slides (similar here — I found mine at Marshall’s two weeks ago!)

I wore this outfit when we went to explore downtown Gettysburg. I love bodysuits because they give a tucked in look without having to actually tuck in the top. A bodysuit is perfect if you’re running around — you can do SO many things without having to re-tuck the top, like give Arya (Sarah’s pup) a belly rub when she wants one. No need to re-tuck or make sure the top is laying flat.


These are currently my favorite denim shorts. They’re high-rised shorts that sit at the perfect spot on my torso. Since I’m on the shorter side, most bottoms that are high-waisted end up sitting at a weird spot.

I loved going to Gettysburg for the weekend. Since I’m in the city sometimes I need to get away for some nature and quietness. Gettysburg was such a great place for a relaxing girl’s trip.

Check out some other photos from the trip (and weekend getaway outfit inspiration)!

Before checking into our AirBnB we tired the pups out with a walk around the Gettysburg Battlefield. It was a little creepy thinking about the Civil War, but I learned a lot of different things.


When we checked into our AirBnB, we were greeted by hen! Then, we got to meet the horses, dogs and goats. Sarah and I got to hold two one month old baby goats named Peaches and Persephone! DREAM COME TRUE. We even got to bottlefeed Peaches (she loved her bottle so much, she kept head-butting it).



We ended the day at Hauser Estate Winery for some yummy wine + cider on tap, food and live music. The clouds were extra fluffy and the sun was shining. We were pretty lucky since it was supposed to thunderstorm ALL day.





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    Loved reading this post (and seeing all the photos!).


      Thank you <3 <3 it was such a fun weekend getaway. Totally recommend farm life if you need a break from city life.