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Well well welllll. I loooove painting my nails and I just realized I’ve never done a nail post. EVER. Weeeird. Anyway, I just wanted to share my latest obsession. Trying out new colors :O!

I’m so not used to this nail color, yet I LOVE everything about it. My go-to nail colors are usually pretty neutral…think red (yes red nails are neutral), black, grey, or blush. Basically, colors that match with everything.


Nail Polish: Pure Ice Nail Polish (c/o) in Speechless

This nail color looks like a mix of a little pink and purple. Soooo you know Barbie pink? This is what I like to call Barbie purple. Like if Barbie decided she wanted to wear purple. This is seriously one of my fav summer colors and it would def be super pretty in the fall too.

Some other colors I want to try out are shades of hot pink (haven’t worn this one in foreverrrr), blue, mint green, and white (hah, another neutral).

What are your go-to nail colors? Have you found any new colors that you love?! Share in the comments below or tweet me @SkinnyAffair.

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