{ Current Love: Frank Body Coffee Scrub Benefits }

Hi hi hi! So…….I’m a firm believer of #TheFrankEffect.

TWO of my best friends recommended Frank Body’s Body Scrub to me — yes, that’s you Grecia & Chauncey. THANK YOU!!

Chauncey got it for me for Christmas and oh my freaken gosh I’m in love.

Peter teases me whenever I use it and thinks it’s really weird. Ugh boyssss…he just doesn’t get it.

Anyway, Frank Body leaves my skin super silky smooth and I def think it helps with how crappy the winter treats our skin. It exfoliates AND moisturizes.

Like, what other amazing exfoliant does that? Many of the ones I’ve tried have made my skin super smooth, but dry and I have to moisturize a tonnn. I still moisturize after using Frank Body, but when I’m super lazy and don’t…my skin still feels nourished.


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The scent is pretty amazing too. Well I wouldn’t be surprised…I’ve heard that coffee is a traditional aphrodisiac ;).

Now, let’s be frank (hehe had to)…coffee is a natural exfoliant and has many skin benefits — it has the SAME PH as your skin so it won’t leave it dry or oily, anddd when caffeine is applied topically to the skin it can stimulate blood flow…which may help to reduce the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks, psoriasis, eczema, etc.

A possible cellulite and stretch mark reducer? YES. PLEASE. Seriously…how could I say no (sound familiar)?

What do you think about coffee scrubs? Share in the comments below! 

xx Melissa

BTW if you’re into DIY, Peter’s little sis made me a fabulous homemade version! Click here for the recipe. 


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