Wellness | Benefits of a Digital Detox

After my California trip, I went straight to the Catskills. A mountain escape is by far the perfect time and place to do a digital detox. Here are some photos from my trip, intertwined with a few reasons why I think there are major benefits of a digital detox.


img_4242I was glad to be forced into a digital detox. There was no reception in the mountains. I was only there for two days, but it made me realize how connected I always am.

  1. This digital detox gave me the chance to step back and enjoy the simple things (especially spending time with people I love and the gorgeous Catskill views!).
  2. I love my iPhone, but I definitely think there’s some sort of anxiety-induced restlessness from always being connected.
  3. For me, it’s hard to unwind when I see my screen light up (the blue light emitted from smartphones harm our sleep). This totally interrupts the benefits beauty sleep.

Maybe every now and then I just need a digital detox. I’d love to turn this digital detox thing into a routine, maybe a few hours per night or every Sunday. I’m still unclear on my plan.

Have any tips for going on a digital detox? Share in the comments below, tweet me or Instagram me.img_4214


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