Beauty Benefits | Omega-3’s

One of fav nutrients? Omega-3 fatty acids! Pretty much the holy grail of all beauty nutrients. They are essential for glowy skin and hair by combatting wrinkles, acne and keeping your hair nourished…so seriously give me ALL the Omega-3’s. Preventative measures!! I want to preserve my youthful skin as long as possible.

Pollution, stress, and the food you eat can make your skin better or worse. For me, the easiest to control out of those three is food. When I know I have an event going on or somewhere special to go, I try to lay off the cheese and coffee a few weeks before. Cheese is easy to give up, but coffee’s another story.

For radiant skin, I load up on omega-3s and antioxidant rich foods. When I overindulge in sugar I can clearly see how certain foods negatively impact my skin. This is because simple carbs like sugar, white flour, and starchy foods spike insulin levels, which cause inflammation. I also just end up feeling gross. Totally not worth it.


{ Where to find Omega-3 Fatty Acids? }

I automatically think fishies!! (Which is why I’m showing photos of sunfish from when I was playing catch and release. Plus, sunfish are stinking cute).

  • Seafood
  • Avocados (Superfood Guac recipe here!)
  • Walnuts
  • Flax seeds

{ Beauty Benefits of Omega-3 Fatty Acids }

  • Fights wrinkles
  • Improves brittle hair
  • Combats acne
  • Helps both dry and oily skin
  • Acts as an anti-inflammatory
  • Protects your skin from the sun

{ Bark Report: The Honest Kitchen’s Beams Dog Treats }

the-honest-kitchen-review{ The Honest Kitchen Beams (c/0) — ONE ingredient dog treats! }

Omega-3’s are also great for you pups! It good for their skin and keeps their fur shiny and healthy.

Maddie’s fav way to eat them? The Honest Kitchen’s Beams. It’s catfish skin! A one ingredient treat that makes her go nuts. She gives me the craziest look when she sees a beam (check out that silly photo below!)

If you’re worried about the smell, they aren’t overpowering. These treats are dehydrated Wild Icelandic catfish skin and they’re a solid source of lean protein and Omega 3s.

The Honest Kitchen is one of my favorite pet brands — they use healthy and high-quality ingredients. No weird unpronounceable fillers. Find The Honest Kitchen Beams here.


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