Wellness | 5 Tips To Keep Your Pup’s Pearly Whites in Great Shape


Tomorrow is February, which is National Pet Dental Health Month!

Keeping your pup’s pearly whites in great shape is super important for their health. It’s also important to me because I don’t like dealing with stinky dog breath kisses.

In honor of National Pet Dental Health Month, I’m sharing some expert teeth tips and facts from The Honest Kitchen’s Dog Obsessed, a guide to a happier, healthier life for the pup you love.

Dog Obsessed is such a fun coffee table book and it’s a helpful resource. It has super cool recipes (for humans and dogs) and a bunch of expert tips and facts on dog grooming, exercise, physical and emotional health and more.

Here are some tips to keeping your pup’s pearly whites in great shape:

*adapted from Dog Obsessed

IMG_5036{ Maddie snuggling Dog Obsessed. Shop it | The Honest Kitchen’s Dog Obsessed by Lucy Postins }

1. Bad Dog Breath

Don’t ignore bad breath. It can be a warning sign of existing or brewing dental or other health problems.

2. Maintenace is Key

Daily cleaning is the best prevention against dental disease. Maddie uses chicken flavored toothpaste. When Maddie was a puppy, I would put a toothbrush in her mouth so she could get used to the feel.

3. Healthy Teeth Treats

Food based chews: Maddie loves Honest Kitchen’s Beans — they’re chewy fish skin treats (check out my review on Beams here). These treats are good for her teeth because it gives her something to chew on for a while. Beams even have non-teeth benefits, like promoting a healthy and shiny coat.

4. Hydration

You should always keep your dog hydrated (duh). I recently learned about dental oral drops — it’s a specialty dental care product that is put in your dog’s water to help reduce plaque buildup.

5. Prevention

Preventing a problem is so much better than treating a problem. I’d muchhhhh rather spend time brushing Maddie’s teeth than spending tons of $ to get a tooth pulled out. Maintenance is key and although we may care for our dog’s teeth at home, sometimes you just have to see a doggie dentist to get help from an expert. In the end, the way you approach your dog’s dental health will depend on what you’re comfortable with.

What are you and your pet’s fav dental dog treats? Share in the comments below or tweet me.

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. Sponsored by The Honest Kitchen.

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