The Bark Report | Fruit For Pups!

I loveeeee fruit. It’s nature’s candy with a ton of vitamins. Ever get tempted to feed your dog human food? I do. Alllll the time. But, I’ve learned that some fruits are super nutritious for dogs.

When I first started looking for healthy fruit for pups, I looked at dog treats that contain fruit. After that, I started looking into fresh fruit. Maddie has eaten treats with coconut, cranberries, mangos and apples. All of these have vitamins and antioxidants to keep her healthy.

As for fresh fruit, I like giving Maddie small bits of fresh mango, peaches (no pits!) and apples (no seeds!). These fruits have fiber and various vitamins. The apple slices are even good for keeping her pearly whites clean. I think the key to this is balance. I never give her more than two pieces.


If you’re not sure what type of fresh fruit to give your dog, ask your vet. Or, start by choosing a dog treat that contains fruit.

Science Diet’s Fruity Snacks with Cranberries and Oatmeal are Maddie’s new favorite treat. She goes crazy for these fruity treats. They’re little biscuits made with real fruit — healthy, all-natural ingredients and no corn, no artificial colors or flavors. My fav thing about these treats? They contain FLAXSEED to support healthy fur and skin.

Find Science Diet’s Fruity Snacks here.


All opinions are my own. sponsored this post in exchange for an honest review.

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    My dog is a fan of apples since they’re crunchy! And her favorite snack is cucumbers 🙂