{ Banana Nice Cream Recipe }

Happy National Banana Lovers Day!

In honor of this silly holiday, I’d like to share my absolute favorite one ingredient recipe…Banana Nice Cream.

Banana Nice Cream tastes and looks like soft serve ice cream. I’m seriously addicted to this stuff. Plus, it’s a great way to get potassium via dessert.

Here’s the skinny…


{ Banana Nice Cream Recipe }


One ripe banana


  1. Slice up bananas into even pieces + freeze overnight in a freezer bag
  2. Blend the frozen banana pieces in a food processor or blender until it smooths out like soft serve ice cream.

Add ins

Try blending in a tablespoon of acai berry powder or cinnamon.

OMG so good.

Acai berry powder is antioxidant rich (anti-aging powers!!). Some other benefits? It promotes skin health, helps us maintain a healthy weight, acts as an energy boost, and improves mental functions.

Cinnamon is also antioxidant rich. It can help regulate blood sugar and improve brain function. When I need to add some sweetness in my coffee, I grab some cinnamon instead of sugar.

Have you tried making banana nice cream? What do you like to add in?

xx Melissa

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