{ Skinny Affair’s Acai Protein Smoothie Recipe }


Since I don’t eat meat, many people ask me about how I get my protein. Well, here’s one of the MANY ways. My acai protein smoothie recipe is a yummy & healthy way to start the day. Packed with protein, omega fatty acids, vitamins A + C and antioxidants, you can say hellooo to skin benefits!

I’ve been drinking this protein smoothie every day. I blend it before I go to bed, pop it in the fridge and drink it in the morning at 9am. Pretty freaken routine.

I guess it’s sorta like my on-the-go breakfast. Since it’s packed with protein, it keeps me from getting hangry until lunch, which I LOOOOVE.


It has Philosophie’s Berry Bliss Superfood Blend. So…PROTEIN (10g!!!), antioxidants (aka your anti-aging BFF), vitamin C (from camu camu), and vitamin A.

Almond butter. The one I use has 4g of protein. Chia seeds. The one I use has 3g protein and 5g fiber. This smoothie has a total of…17g protein!!

Then, it also has a Sambazon Acai Packet (unsweetened, of course). This has vitamin A and fatty acid goodness — Omega-3 (50mg), Omega-6 (625mg), and Omega-9 (3060mg). Fatty acids have a ton of health benefits. They’re important for your body to function normally, including your skin, respiratory system, circulatory system, brain and organs.



{ Shop it: Tory Burch Perfume and Tory Burch Asolu Perfume }

{ Style Tip } These Tory Burch perfumes are obvs not an ingredient :P. Um…duh. They’re just another morning favorite of mine. It has a bright citrus, light floral scent. If you like Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom and Honey, I bet you’ll like Tory’s perfume.

Lately, I’ve been playing around with different perfumes. If you can’t make up your mind, I found that travel sizes are the way to go. These are from Sephora, but I can’t find the mini versions on their website. Travel sizes are way cheaper and if you end up not falling in love, then whatevs…because at that point the bottle’s almost finished.

Oh, and my favorite way to sip this drink? A pretty paper straw. To be exact..chevron print. This one’s from Paper Mart — they have many fun color and print options.

{ Skinny Affair Acai Protein Smoothie Recipe }


Hope you like the recipe!!

xx Melissa

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