This is basically my IDK what to wear outfit. All black everything paired with white hot summer heels. I wore this outfit last week at Square 1682‘s patio preview party. They debuted two new cocktails — a watermelon + blueberry tequila cocktail and a ghost pepper vodka cocktail. Both were soooo delish! Square 1682 is connected to one of my favorite hotel brands — Kimpton. Find Square 1682 next to Hotel Palomar in Center City, Philadelphia.



The photos below were taken by my bloggy friend, Sarah of We liked our outfits so much, we decided to do an impromptu iPhone photo shoot…yup…right in front of Square 1682!

I love white heels year round. In the winter, they remind me of snow. In the summer, it adds a pretty brightness that doesn’t scream “I’m trying too hard”. These white heels are the Pact Pump by Charles David. The Pact Pump comes in a ton of colors and prints, so I’m thinking about getting another pair.


The weather in Philadelphia’s really weird. It goes from hot to cold in a few hours. One day it can be way sunny, the next day can be freaken dreary. So, that’s why I’m in a long sleeve. I got this top in like 2010. A classic black shirt is a must and can last for years. Here’s a similar one. When Mother Nature makes up her mind and decides that summer is here, this black long sleeve will turn into a v-neck tee. Possibly a fun graphic tee. I’m really into vintage-y style tees right now.

I’m not really a fan of jeans. Or pants in general. If I had to wear jeans, I would go with these black destroyed jeans. They’re high-waisted and have a grungy chic look. Maddie actually ate my first pair, so I had to get another one -_-.


{ Shop it: Pact Pump by Charles David | Top Shop Super Rip Jamie Jean | Similar Black Top | Daniel Wellington St. Mawes Rose Gold Watch }

What’s your ‘IDK what to wear, so I’m going to wear this’ outfit? Share in the comments below, tweet me or Instagram me. 



Guys, take out on your cute bow ties and ladies, put on your show stopping derby hats and colorful dresses because Preakness at the Piazza is this Saturday!

I seriously didn’t know what to wear until yesterday. I’ve tried on so many dresses and couldn’t make up my mind.There are only a few days left, but themed events def help make styling options easier.

Preakness at the Piazza is half fashion and half party, so you’ll definitely want to wear something festive. Think Derby style, but more fun. My favorite styles are bold colors, floral, pastels and lace.

The best thing about the dresses below? They can be dressed up and dressed down, so you could wear them on the reg. Dress up for Preakness with a big hat and killer heels. Then dress down on summer days by swapping your heels with sneakers, sandals or espadrilles

Here are six dresses perfect for spring, summer and Preakness at the Piazza:


{ Shop it: 1 • 2 • 3 • 4 • 5 • 6 }

If you’re looking for a hat, click here to get some inspiration. My favorite is a floppy or broad brimmed hat to shade myself from the sun.

The most amazing part about Preakness at the Piazza is that 100% of proceeds from the event go towards the National MS Society. Last year’s event raised more than $120,000. Tickets can be purchased here.

P.S. The official Preakness drink is called the Black Eyed Susan. Get Bethenny Frankel’s skinnygirl version here.

What’s your favorite spring style dress? Share in the comments below.

xx Melissa




Nice cream satisfies my sweet tooth in a guilt-free way. I always keep frozen bananas in my freezer to make fresh nice cream or to use as a base in smoothies. Since it’s strawberry season, I decided to make strawberry banana nice cream. It’s so delish and really flavorful.

I love creating recipes with in-season fruits. They’re extra flavorful, packed with nutrients and are wayyyyy easier to find. Another plus? They’re cheaper.

This strawberry banana nice cream recipe is super easy to make and uses three main ingredients — strawberries, frozen bananas and coconut water.

Strawberry Banana Nice Cream Recipe

  1. Blend 2 frozen bananas with 2 tablespoons of coconut water. If needed you can add more coconut water, just don’t add so much it becomes a smoothie.
  2. Pour half in a small bowl and keep the other half in the blender.
  3. With the remaining blended frozen bananas, drop in 3 strawberries and blend.
  4. Pour in the small bowl, take a spoon and draw a swirl to make it pretty.
  5. Top with your fav toppings!


Seriouslyyyy. I could write a whole post on toppings. You can really just add whatever you want. I like to add toppings for extra nutritional benefits and also to add texture. In this strawberry banana nice cream recipe, the toppings I used were chia seeds (protein), strawberries (vitamin C), cinnamon (anti-inflammatory), and cereal (to add a yummy crunch).

What do you use as toppings on smoothies, nice cream or smoothie bowls? Tweet me, Instagram me or comment below!


Disclosure: Sponsored post by Lunchbox. All opinions are my own.

image2{ TRU harvest® with Ancient Grains Wavy Strips with barley, spelt & quinoa — comes in Turkey & Pumpkin Flavor (pictured) and Chicken & Sweet Potato Flavor }

Maddie here! Something super important to me is eating healthy foods and that includes treats. Let me tell you about these new pawlicious wholesome and healthy treats — TRU harvest® with Ancient Grains dog treats.

The Ingredients

TRU harvest® dog treats are made with ancient grains — barley, spelt and quinoa. Normally, I don’t eat grains because most dog foods are made with cheapy grains. These treats are different because they’re ancient grains, which are naturally low in fat and contain more nutrients than common grains.

TRU harvest® dog treats contain no corn, soy, wheat, artificial colors, artificial flavors and def no weird poultry by-products. In fact, the first ingredient listed is REAL meat, like chicken or turkey.

The Benefits

The meat is combined with a mixture of fruits and veggies, like tomato, cranberry, sweet potato, pumpkin and/or carrot. So, pups can get wholesome goodness found in ancient grains, vitamins from the fruits and veggies, and of course lean protein.

Another paw-sitive? TRU harvest® with Ancient Grains contain Omega 3s, 6s and 9s. These are known to be beneficial to skin and fur — hello shiny healthy coats! 

image1-1TRU harvest® with Ancient Grains Chewy Bars with barley, spelt & quinoa — comes in Chicken, Cheese & Tomato Flavor and Turkey & Cranberry Flavor }

The Treats

TRU harvest® comes in both chewy bars and wavy strips. Each come in two flavors.

Chewy Bars:

  • Chicken, Cheese & Tomato Flavor
  • Turkey & Cranberry Flavor

Wavy Strips:

  • Turkey & Pumpkin Flavor
  • Turkey & Pumpkin Flavor

Find TRU harvest® with Ancient Grains dog treats exclusively at Walmart. Click here for $1 off your purchase.



xx Maddie





Happy Wellness Wednesday!

I was browsing my Instagram feed today and noticed I’ve been posting way more food than ushe. Have I turned into a foodie? I’m thinking about starting a new series, WIAW / What I Ate Wednesday.

I love food. I love healthy, wholesome foods that nourish the body. Eating whole foods makes me feel mentally and physically good. Don’t get me wrong…I like to indulge in chocolate, wine and cheese. With food (but I guess this can apply to other things) it’s important for me to keep balance in mind, otherwise I go bats*** crazy and binge on cheese…then get a ton of dairy induced acne. It’s sad and true. Excess dairy gives me acne (I’ve done tons of ingredient elimination experiments). Gross.

Here’s what I’ve been eating lately. Foodgasm for sure.

Rose nails + rosé 💁🏽 💅 #treatyoself #weekend #wine #roséallday #rose #opi #nails #manicure #pink #blogger #phlbloggers #rosé

A photo posted by // Melissa ( on

{ Pale pink dry rose = love }

{ Current Go-To Green Juice: spinach, kale, Philosophie Green Dream, cinnamon, honey, greek yogurt, frozen banana }

{ Fresh basil on everything. }

{ Played with my food and made art. I learned this from @secretsquirrelfood }

{ #TheBlogConnect meeting with + }

{ Finally used my cheapy spiralizer and I cannottt get enough zoodles. Recipe: saute tomatoes in EVOO, mix zoodles with warm pesto (store bought — just don’t forget to look at the ingreds to make sure there’s nothing weird) }

I keep eating zoodles with pesto (nothing wrong with that, but I don’t want to get sick of it). What pasta sauces do you reccomend on zoodles? Share in the comments below, tweet me or Instagram me.