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Recipes | Holiday Cocktails from the Experts


‘Tis the season of festive cocktails. Maybe you’re planning a holiday party. Or, maybe it’s Friday night and you just want to unwind and treat yourself. All part of self-care, right? 😉 . When Bluebird Distilling, Ocean Prime and The Twisted Tail shared their holiday drink recipes with me, I hadddd to pass on their recipes to you because…there’s so much delicious-ness and it’s almost the weekend. From rye whiskey to gin, here are three holiday cocktails straight from the experts:…

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The Lust List | Activated Charcoal Beauty Benefits


Lately I’ve been on activated charcoal kick. It has so many beauty benefits for your skin — including drawing out nasty oils and dirt that clog up your pores. I’ve noticed this ingredient is popping up in more and more products. Possibly because of its detoxifying powers? I’m not exactly sure why, but I do know these three activated charcoal beauty products (below) make my pores feel clean and leaves me smelling fresh (it’s the key ingredient in my deodorant!). 1. Cocovit Coconut…

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Recipe | Halloween Treats + PUMPKIN Benefits


I am SO excited for Halloween. I have my costume and Maddie’s costume ready. I’m not really into Halloween candy, but one of my favorite sweets are Rice Krispy Treats. They’re so nostalgic, it reminds me of childhood. { Pumpkin Benefits } Plus, I like to think I’m getting a tiny health benefit in Pumpkin Rice Krispy Treats. While I make these treats, I’m also eating spoonfuls of leftover pumpkin puree. Pumpkin’s really good for your digestive system (I found…

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Recipe Tip | Massage Your Kale


In honor of National Kale Day, I’m sharing my favorite kale tip…and that is to MASSAGE kale (salad). As we’ve heard way too many times before, kale is SO good for you and one of the top superfoods. The taste of raw kale? Not so much. Here are some tips to indulge in kale’s superfood greatness AND enjoy its taste. My favorite ways to have kale are: Sauteed with garlic In a juice/smoothie Massaged in a salad  { Kale Salad Tip } The…

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